Thursday, September 27, 2012

MISS's New Blog:

MISS is now running a blog on the site Tumblr. Please follow us if you have a tumblr or visit our site at! Tumblr is a blogging site on which you can post writings, quotes, and pictures of your own or others (as long as properly cited) while also reblogging posts from fellow tumblr blogs. This makes for a very open forum for cultural expression as it accommodates a wide range of media. It is a place of a lot of political exchange and a place where I have found the strong voice of empowerment for women. It is where I first came across the concepts of rape culture, slut shaming, and the love your body movement which are gaining popularity in the realm of the world wide web.  Jacqui and I will continue to write pieces for our blogspot. We will at the same time post writings and pictures on Tumblr and incorporate empowering and educational media from people around the world.
Another very important feature of our Tumblr blog is the accessible submit link. We would love for our blogs to be more of a collaborative dialogue including all of you. Please feel free to submit to either of our blogs: through the submit link on Tumblr or by emailing us at to contribute to our blogspot.
-Hannah Atkinson

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