Monday, July 23, 2012

MISS Monday - July 23, 2012

MISS Double Standard of the Week
"He's rough, she's dainty"
This week, Valenti speaks about the gender roles that are pointed out in children's toys. While a boy is expected to destroy things with trucks and monsters, a girl is told to "live her dream" of baking, doing laundry, and shopping. Valenti talks about the way girls are told to dream big through their toys, which are kitchen sets, baking supplies, houses to keep clean, or vanities with fake make up sets. 

MISS Women of the Week 
Della Keats
"Try to be happy all the time, try not to hurt anybody. You can hurt others. It's just like an egg. That you keep, not to crack it, not to drop it, because it's easy to break. If a person comes to you for help, make soft questions to him. That way he'll love you, and you'll love him. We will be happy like in early days. Not unhappy.
All my life I wanted to let them know. We need a calm day, a happy day all the time."

MISS Song of the Week 
Run The World (Girls) - Beyonce
-Jacqui Lambert

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