Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sexual Healing by Jeffrey Bethke

So let's look at this subject, and I'll tell you why I'm disgusted
So tonight looks like sex will be the topic of discussion
Now sex isn't evil, for marriage is why God made it
But I know you're like "Come on Jeff that's so outdated
Hey this is even college, so we do it while you're wasted"

Let's look into that logic, let's pop off the seal, 
And let's question something we thought is already a done deal
For example take a rape victim and once its revealed
When her bruises go away is she totally healed?
I mean the damage is lasting, you see it in her eyes
If it was just abused recreation, why did it ruin her life?

I mean if sex is just for fun then why on us does it take such a toll, 
Maybe it's because you don't have sex with a body
you have sex with a soul. 

That means for me there ain't no premarital lovin, 
And it ain't just because I don't want a baby in the oven, 
It's because I'm staying pure until the day that I'm a husband.
But see this wasn't always me that's guaranteed
So let's go back and see who I used to be 

Growing up I never learned how to treat a lady
If I learned anything from my dad, it was leave the mom, ditch the baby
I don't say that to get sympathy, I say that to be real
Because according to the stats, about 40% of you know how that feels

So I let the TV show me what the music already told me
No dad at home, so I let MTV mold me
And they sold me, so my life revolved around what girl I could get next

My whole life revolved around this girl named "Sex"
Shoot I gotta confess I'd get at her on text
But it seems the longer we dated, the bigger the mess

But see I've been there, where my girlfriend was late on that time of the month
If you've been there too, you know what I mean when I say my heart sunk
I started to justify abortion, I would butter it up
But they don't have condoms for sin, you can' just cover it up
I didn't have a baby thankfully, 
It's funny how I was pro-life until it happened to me. 

So dudes think twice before you desire her just cuz she's hot
Because your body makes a promise whether you do or not. 

Sorry I digress, let's go back to the topic
How there are guys in here who pressure her even when she says stop it
You're not a man You're just a boy who can shave and put on a good cover
Cause if you don't respect her when she says no, you certainly don't love her
So start studying her heart and stop studying her booty
Or maybe invest the same amount of time in her
that you do in Call of Duty
I mean what makes you think you have the right to get a girl and get naughty?

You should have to touch her hair and her mind first
before you ever touch her body
Because she longs to be accepted, she longs to be loved
So she gives herself up to another guys lust
It feels good at first, and then she gets bitter
Cuz the promises of satisfaction it never delivers

She she's like "man I don't want to, it's just too tempting"
So she keeps opening up the present just to find its empty
And then she starts to get confused
Because she keeps getting rejected by all these dudes

They tell her on scale of 10 she's a two
But that ain't true if only she knew
That Jesus he loves and accepts us
Even when we don't deserve it, he never rejects us

He heals us from that sin that totally infects us
He does what condoms can't, he emotionally protects us 

I know some of you like "this guys wake" and you gonna wanna indict me
But we gotta think rightly so I'll speak politely
Can we really say this isn't true even slightly?
Touch the forbidden fruit, just to realize it's poison ivy

Now we're numb and we're itching and jacked up our psyche
You don't think you just do it, like your name was a nike
Not realizing the consequences of sin is oh so pricey

So this last story is for those who think they're too dirty
This last story, it's for those who think they're unworthy

Read John chapter 8, the woman caught in adultery
Religious leaders throw her naked in the temple while she yells "Don't murder me"
"Jesus! The law commands us to stone this woman!" you hear the hate in their tone
Jesus pauses and then says "whoever is without sin you can cast the first stone"
Can you imagine the sound? Silence all around
You hear footsteps walk away, you hear stones hit the ground.
Jesus kneels down, the woman thought it was her demise
He lifts up her face, you see the grace in his eyes
I don't condemn you, go and sin no more
I love and accept you, mercy is yours

If you're anything like me you're like no it can't be, no I can't see
Why would he die for me?
Then I saw the scene, where I was redeemed
He reached out and touched me and said Jeff you're free

Instantly I was wearing the brightest robe I'd ever seen
Perfectly spotless, perfectly clean!
So bright in fact, I thought I'd go blind
I said who's is this? He said actually it's mine
So stop and think before you eat what society feeds us
Come follow the King, his name is Jesus

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