Monday, July 9, 2012

The Problem

The problem isn't that back then, society was more susceptible to a few extra pounds on a girl. The problem isn't that there is an increasing amount of anorexic and bulimic girls in the US today. The problem is that society keeps believing they can tell a women how to look on the outside. A girl too skinny is told she is disgusting. A girl too chubby is told she should eat less and work out more. A women should be the only person who is concerned about the way her body looks. If she is okay with those extra pounds, so be it. If she feels she can lose a few more pounds, let her. Give her advice if you feel she needs it but do not tell her how her body should look. The problem is that we think it is okay that we put one women down in order to praise the other - solely based on her body image. 

-Jacqui Lambert

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